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Inspired by Nature

Celebrating the beauty of wood with designs that last a lifetime

My relentless passion for nature began in my childhood, where I spent endless days in the outdoors surrounded by mountains and forests and loving the
smell of wood from my grandfather’s workshop. It was there, that I learned the passion, respect and love for the art that came from his old cabinets, workbench, and tools.

In my early adulthood, my life path shifted towards a different direction, away from what I truly really enjoyed, working with wood. As time passed, I felt dissatisfied, until one day I finally decided to return to my true passion. Right away I started to remember those walks in the woods, my special relationship with nature, and the woody scents and musky aromas coming from my grandfather's studio.


Now I try to be a better wood craftsman day by day, by paying great attention to the tiniest details of each and every piece that I craft with my own hands. Always learning and gaining inspiration from the great crafters who have already traveled this path, so I can constantly honor tradition and the beauty of nature with everything that I make. I couldn’t be more grateful for walking this journey and doing what I love.


- Cristian Lanus, Founder, WoodCraftsman

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